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Contested Probate

Sadly contentious or contested probate (also referred to as challenging a will) is becoming more common. However contested probate cases are often complex, and you need to make sure that you choose a solicitor specialising in this area of law. In addition to our fixed fee online probate service, we have a team of solicitors specialising in both bringing and defending contested probate cases.


Please think carefully before contesting probate. Quite apart from the stress and financial cost a contested probate case brings, it often causes irreparable damage to family relationships.


There are a number of reasons for contesting probate including;

  • Inheritance disputes – when dependants feel that they have not been made 'reasonable financial provision' from the estate (under the 1975 Inheritance Act)
  • Claims that the will is fraudulent or was made under duress
  • Claims that the will is not actually the last will of the deceased
  • Arguments that the deceased lacked sufficient mental capacity when making their will
  • Professional negligence claims arising out of wrongly drafted wills
  • Claims against or between personal representatives or trustees
  • The will has been lost


For more information about contested probate, visit our dedicated contesting a will website


How our solicitors can help you in contesting probate?

  • We can advise you at an early stage how likely the contested probate claim is to succeed
  • Our team offer no win no fee agreements for appropriate contested probate cases

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