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What happens if there is no will?

If someone dies without a will [also referred to as dying intestate], then an inflexible set of rules called the intestacy rules dictate what should happen to the things that person owned.  The intestacy rules set out a list of relatives, increasingly more distant, who should inherit and if the deceased died with no relatives not even distant ones, the estate can pass to the Crown.


UK intestacy rules do not make any provision for unmarried partners and they commonly therefore result in a inheritance claim being made against the estate by a partner who finds that they are due to inherit nothing. Click here for more information about inheritance claims.


Dealing with intestacy can be particularly complicated because it can involve having to make detailed enquiries and establish a family tree. There are specialist companies we can recommend who can undertake this exercise.


It is best to take advice from specialist Probate Solicitors at an early stage if you think the person who had died did not leave a will.


Click here for details of the UK Intestacy Rules.


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