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What to do when someone dies


Find out if there is a will
The will sets out who the executors are – they are the people responsible for dealing with the assets within the estate and ensuring that they are distributed in line with the will.  If the executors are not family members, make sure they are informed as soon as possible about what has happened.


If there is no will, then the UK intestacy rules will apply.  These rules set out who should deal with the estate; these people are called administrators.


Administrators and executors have the same duties and responsibilities and are known as personal representatives (PRs).

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Immediate matters
Register the death. This must be done with the Registrar for Births and Deaths for the sub district in which the death occurred. Telephone them for an appointment; they will tell you exactly what information you need to take along to the appointment.


Make arrangements for the funeral. Check the will to see if the person who had died had any special funeral wishes and make sure the funeral director is aware of these.


Notify the household insurer if the house is now unoccupied.
The insurance company may have additional requirements which must be satisfied if the insurance is not to be invalidated.


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