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Our fixed fee online probate service
Our fully qualified Probate Solicitors specialise in dealing with the legal issues arising after death and have many years’ experience of this type of work.


Our online probate service enables you to instruct a member of our team wherever you are based in the UK, by e-mail or phone. No time consuming visits to an office are required – although of course if you would prefer to visit us, we are happy for you to do so.

Our online probate service costs just 1.25% of the value of the estate
(plus VAT)


Our UK probate service covers all aspects of the administration of an estate.

In particular our probate solicitors will:

  • Agree with the executors exactly what they wish us to do and, once we have established the size of the estate, the assets involved, and the nature of the beneficiaries, provide them with a fixed fee price for dealing with the steps we have agreed to undertake in writing – together with a note of the out of pocket expenses which the executors will need to cover (e.g. the probate court fee).
  • Contact all companies with whom assets were held to obtain valuations; arrange valuations of houses, jeweller y, cars etc as required; contact all creditors; establish the debts and liabilities.
  • Prepare a schedule of the assets and liabilities of the estate.
  • Prepare the papers for the UK Probate Office.
  • Prepare papers for the Capital Taxes Office responsible for the collection of inheritance tax; ensure that the assets are correctly declared and that all exemptions and tax reliefs are properly claimed.
  • Liaise with you about the inheritance tax due if appropriate, and advise you how best to arrange payment.
  • Apply for the grant of probate.
  • Deal with the assets as agreed with the executors and beneficiaries, and maintaining a designated client account for encashment.
  • Liaise with beneficiaries, inform them of their entitlement, obtain bank details to enable payment to be made to them, carry out bankruptcy searches for the executors’ protection prior to making payment.
  • Advise the executors of steps that can be taken for their protection and carry these out if instructed to do so.
  • Ensure the estate is distributed in accordance with the terms of the will.
  • Produce detailed estate accounts showing how all the assets of the estate have been dealt with.
  • Liaise with HMRC concerning the income tax affairs of the person who has died and, if their affairs are straightforward, we will deal with any income tax return required. Where the deceased’s tax affairs are more complicated, we are happy to instruct an accountant on your behalf to deal with the necessary formalities.

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