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Do I need probate solicitors?

No, you do not need to ask solicitors to deal with UK probate for you. You can, for example, make a personal application for a grant of probate court and court staff will guide you concerning the completion of the necessary forms. 


However life nowadays is complex, both in terms of the nature of people’s investments and their family lives. This means that many people are nervous about dealing with the administration of an estate themselves because of the risk of failing to identify or deal with investments appropriately, of inadvertently acquiring personal liability for failing to carry out a step they did not know about, or because there are difficulties within a family which mean the role is particularly challenging. 


Many more people find that at a time when they are struggling to come to terms with the death of a loved one, they simply cannot cope with the time consuming and precise process of obtaining probate. That's where our Probate Solicitors come in.

Our fixed fee online probate service costs just 1.25% of the value of the estate
(plus VAT)

How our specialist probate solicitors can help you
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  • Offer a simple online probate fixed fee service – to let you carry on your life – wherever you live in the UK.
  • Provide FREE initial phone advice.
  • Remove the risk involved in being an executor – sadly these days contested probate is becoming more common – and this includes increasing cases of executors themselves being sued. Don't put yourself at risk – leave your loved one's estate in the hands of our specialist probate solicitors.
  • If there is one or more properties in the estate that need to be sold, our specialist conveyancing solicitors provide a seamless online service alongside their probate colleagues – and you still don't need to come into the office
  • Our online probate service enables us to run your probate case by e-mail or phone exclusively, without the need for you to make a single visit to our offices

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